1. What is a Demo Day?

A demo day is a special day advertised by the store (for example, with available demo day posters, local advertising, etc). On these Demo Days new players are thaught how to play the game Yu-Gi-Oh! These include demo rounds, assistance with questions and deck construction and, if necessary, a small short tournament only for beginners. It is designed to help newcomers to their side, to bring them closer to the game and to make their entry into the game and organized play easier.

2. If you miss a Core Booster Premiere!, will you automatically downgrade in the next quarter?

If there is a specific reason for missing the Core Booster Premiere!, it can be reported to JOKMOK in advance. This is then taken into account in the evaluation of the points and ranks. Normally, however, regular participation in the Core Booster Premiere! is required.

3. Is there always a Core Booster Premiere! per quarter?

The Core Booster Premiere! are spread over the year with a Core Booster Premiere! every quarter.

4. Does the 4-digit letter code in the event name have to be entered in KCGN or first in KTS?

The 4-digit letter code must be entered in the event name when creating the tournament in KCGN. For a local tournament e.g. the code LOCA must be prefixed to the event name. The further event name is still freely selectable.

5. Are OTS packs available only by redeeming points?

OTS Packs can still be ordered via the OP Store of this website. Redeeming the points is just another way to get OTS packs.

6. Where can the points be redeemed?

The points can be redeemed via the OP Shop of this website.

7. Does 1 Tier 2 Event have to be held each quarter to maintain the level?

The level calculation uses the Tier 2 events of the previous season.

8. Are you allowed to sell OTS materials exchanged for points (eg banner, play mat)?

Yes, excepted are still the OTS Packs.